prep. expressing:
1 an instrument or means used (cut with a knife; can walk with assistance).
2 association or company (lives with his mother; works with Shell; lamb with mint sauce).
3 cause or origin (shiver with fear; in bed with measles).
4 possession, attribution (the man with dark hair; a vase with handles).
5 circumstances; accompanying conditions (sleep with the window open; a holiday with all expenses paid).
6 manner adopted or displayed (behaved with dignity; spoke with vehemence; handle with care; won with ease).
7 agreement or harmony (sympathize with; I believe with you that it can be done).
8 disagreement, antagonism, competition (incompatible with; stop arguing with me).
9 responsibility or care for (the decision rests with you; leave the child with me).
10 material (made with gold).
11 addition or supply; possession of as a material, attribute, circumstance, etc. (fill it with water; threaten with dismissal; decorate with holly).
12 reference or regard (be patient with them; how are things with you?; what do you want with me?; there's nothing wrong with expressing one's opinion).
13 relation or causative association (changes with the weather; keeps pace with the cost of living).
14 an accepted circumstance or consideration (with all your faults, we like you).
Phrases and idioms:
away (or in or out etc.) with (as int.) take, send, or put (a person or thing) away, in, out, etc. be with a person
1 agree with and support a person.
2 colloq. follow a person's meaning (are you with me?). one with part of the same whole as. with child (or young) literary pregnant.
with it colloq.
1 up to date; conversant with modern ideas etc.
2 alert and comprehending. with-it adj. colloq. (of clothes etc.) fashionable. with that thereupon.
Etymology: OE, prob. shortened f. a Gmc prep. corresp. to OE wither, OHG widar against

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